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TORLYS Warranty

Superior warranty, assuring your peace of mind for years to come.


TORLYS Warranty Breakdown

Use the chart below to identify residential warranty coverage per product. See Documentation section for more information.

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Product AssortmentWearWaterproofSurface WaterproofWater ResistanceRe-useFloodStainFadeNo GappingStructural Integrity
HardwoodTORLYS EverestXP* HardwoodXXXXX
SuperSolid Hardwood by TORLYSXX
Cork & LeatherTORLYS CorkXP & CorkWoodXPXXXXX
TORLYS Smart LeatherXXXX
LaminateTORLYS Smart Laminate & QuickStep Laminate (excluding Grand & Lexington-W)XXXXXXX
TORLYS Smart Laminate (Grand)XXXXXXX
TORLYS Smart Laminate Standard (Lexington W)XXXXXX
Marquee LaminateXXXX
Marquee Laminate (Ocean)XXXXX
VinylTORLYS Smart Vinyl
(EverWood*, EverTile, RigidWood, RigidTile)
Marquee Vinyl (Olympic Loose Lay, Fairways)XXXX
Marquee Vinyl (New York, Links)XXXX
*Twist collections excluded from Re-use