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SuperSolid by TORLYS

96" (length) x 3/4" (width) | 2438mm (length) x 19.1mm (width)

Create subtle blends between a wall base/vertical surface and hardwood floors.

78" (length) x 2" (width) | 1981mm (length) x 50.8mm (width)

Provide an attractive solution for transitioning between floor surfaces with approximately the same thickness in adjoining rooms.

96" (length) x 7/16" (width) | 2438mm (length) x 10.5mm (width)

Create a formal border transition between flooring and walls.

78" (length) x 2-1/4" (width) | 1981mm (length) x 57mm (width)

Flush, overlapping reducers allow for smooth transitions between floors with different heights.

94" (length) x 3-1/2" (width) | 2388mm (length) x 89mm (width)

Flush, overlapping stair nosings add a professional and finished look to stairways. Offered in traditional and euro nose profiles.

10" (length) x 4" (width) | 254mm (length) x 101.5mm (width)

Offered in surface mount and flush styles to provide a consistent and refined appearance to a wood floor