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What makes a floor

It Starts Beautiful.

Seamless Installation
Beautiful Promise

Seamless Installation

Eliminate “speed bumps” thanks to TORLYS Smart Core and the patented Uniclic® joint.


Transition Free in doorways and spaces up to 80’x80’.


Fix one point of your floor and float the rest to seamlessly allow for installations at the top of stair landings.

Seamless Installation

TORLYS Smart Trims

The Perfect Finishing Touch


Smart-T Plus – Digitally color matched, multi-purpose transition molding.


SmartNosing – Made from actual flooring for a perfect match.

Beautiful Promise

Beautiful Promise


TORLYS wants you to be happy. If you aren’t satisfied with the style or color of your floor, we’ll replace it! That’s our Beautiful Promise.

And is guaranteed to Stay Beautiful.

Surface Flood Protection
Maximum Performance
Antimicrobial Technology
Reusable Guarantee
TORLYS Bulldog

Surface Flood Protection

Perfect for installation in any room of the home.


Liquid is guaranteed to stay on the surface and not penetrate the core thanks to the Uniclic® joint – the tightest joint in the industry.


Water sitting on the surface, for up to 72 hours, will not cause any visual effect thanks to TORLYS Maxx Commercial Finish.


Maximum Performance

Guaranteed for Life.


Enhanced Smart Core – All Smart Floors are engineered to be durable, stable and dent resistant.


Superior Finish – TORLYS Maxx Commercial Finish protects against bacteria, wear and staining.


Best-in-Class technology – The patented Uniclic® joint promises a floor free of unsightly gapping, cupping or peaking.

Antimicrobial Technology

99% Cleaner Floors, 24/7.


Protect What Matters Most
Attached underlays with Microban® antimicrobial product protection inhibit the growth of mold and odor causing bacteria underneath your floor.


The antimicrobial technology in TORLYS Maxx Commercial Finish keeps the surface of your floor 99% cleaner between cleanings.


Reusable Guarantee

Floors So Nice, You Can Use Them Twice!


Make an investment in a TORLYS Smart Floor that is guaranteed for two installations or have the confidence that your new floor is so durable you’ll never need to replace it.

TORLYS Bulldog

Accidents Happen.


Replace single planks of your floor with the help of TORLYS Bulldog™ Easy Plank Replacer tool. No nails, no dust, no mess.

Easily Repairable

5 floors. 1 Solution.

Range of Sizes

TORLYS S.M.A.R.T. Warranty

Surface Flood Guarantee*

Water will not penetrate the joint or cause any visual effect.

Maximum Performance Guarantee

For lifetime wear, structural and joint integrity / no gapping.

Antimicrobial Guarantee

Inhibits the growth of mold and mildew, providing a lifetime of cleaner floors.

Reusable Guarantee

Reuse or donate your Smart Floor and receive a 10% credit
to use towards the purchase of your next one.**

TORLYS Bulldog Guarantee

Smart Floors are guaranteed repairable with TORLYS Bulldog™ Easy Plank Replacer.***

A combination of heat and sunlight can cause natural materials such as hardwood and cork to fade or change color.

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* Excludes Lexington-W and Cork Vista. ** Residential installations only. Visit for details. *** Floating installations only. Herringbone pattern excluded.