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Easy Installation of TORLYS Flooring

Start living on your floor immediately after installation!

All TORLYS floors are manufactured to the strictest standards, and with unique features and
benefits, for fast and easy installation along with years of trouble free beauty.

TORLYS Smart Floor Installation

Start living on your TORLYS Smart Floor immediately after installation! Thanks to Uniclic® joint technology, your floor simply clicks together. TORLYS floors are easy to install, easy to repair and easy to reuse!

The only tools you will need to install our flooring:

  • Hammer
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Saw (any type, from table saw to a hand saw)
  • TORLYS Installation Kit

Most TORLYS Smart Floors have a built-in CorkPlus BLUE or FoamPlus Blue backing; TORLYS Laminate Flooring and TORLYS Summit Premier require the use of one of TORLYS underlays.

SuperSolid by TORLYS Installation

Quick and easy, SuperSolid Hardwood by TORLYS installation process is like any other tongue and groove floor, however it can be nailed, glued or floated. Our E-Lock technology provides a fast, trouble-free installation, and the milled tongue and groove joint ensures a stable floor plank that fits easily together, without any warping or twisting. The patented 3-layer construction guarantees super stable flooring and allows for it to be installed anywhere in your home including the basement, and even over radiant-heated subfloors.

TORLYS BulldogTM Tool

TORLYS Smart Floors are also easy to install under doorjambs and easy to repair thanks to the unique TORLYS Bulldog Easy Plank Replacer. It allows you to:

  • Install flooring end pieces cut on an angle
  • Install flooring without removing existing baseboards
  • Replace planks in the center of a room, without cutting into floorboards
  • Close open floor joint gaps
  • Fix sub-floor hollow spots
  • Have easier access to underlay, incase of repairs
  • Easily check perimeter expansion and contraction spaces of your floor

TORLYS SmartTape

Make quick work of reversing the direction of flooring when stapling your TORLYS floor.

Use TORLYS SmartTape to anchor the first row of flooring in the reverse direction – unlike glue, where you must wait for the adhesive to cure, TORLYS SmartTape is immediately workable, reducing the overall installation time.