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TORLYS Smart Laminate

The beauty of wood. The durability of laminate.

Designed to stand up to real life and look good doing it.

Worry less about what life throws at you. TORLYS Laminate’s exceptionally durable material is designed to withstand an active household while being virtually indistinguishable from hardwood – for a fraction of the price.

TORLYS Laminate Collections

Choose TORLYS Smart Floors Laminate floors for transition-free*, seamless flooring throughout long hallways or doorways without any speed bumps to slow you down.

* Up to 50′ x 50′

QuickStep® NatureTEK Laminate Collections

With realistic designs and up to four times more scratch protection than the competition, QuickStep® NatureTEK offers the beauty of hardwood with innovative performance TEKnology.